Lincoln Newsletter 12/13/16

December 13, 2016

Cigar of the Week
Gurkha Classic Havana
$8.49 (+10% off!)



Strength:  Medium
Wrapper:  San Andres
Origin:  Nicaragua

After years of searching years for the perfect concoction of wrapper, binder, and filler, the guys at Gurkha have uncovered a Cuban-esque blend for the record books. They took their time with this one, meticulously tweaking the blend over twenty times until they knew they had achieved the perfect Havana flavor profile. Introducing Gurkha Classic Havana Blend, a nod to those revered blends of Cuba’s past.

Hailing from the fertile soils of Nicaragua that prove time and time again to encompass many of the same qualities as the revered Cubans of the past, Classic Havana Blend delivers in spades. Rocking a milk chocolaty Mexican San Andres wrapper, this gem begs to be lit at first sight. Medium-bodied and brimming with flavor, this box-pressed beauty permeates with notes of spice, earth, and nuts. If you yearn for that cherished Cuban taste or are looking to experience something darn close for the first time, Gurkha Classic Havana Blend is the choice cut for you.

Beer of the Week
Creature Comforts Dry Hopped Athena
Berliner Weissbier
ABV 4.5%

We tell everyone to crave curiosity, well here’s us being curious. We took everyone’s favorite berliner and added a cool twist by dry hopping with Galaxy hops for a limited batch.
Dry hopping is a technique often used in IPAs where hops are added directly to the fermenter at the tail end of fermentation. Normally hops are added in the kettle or whirlpool during the brewing process, so adding at this stage is a little bit different, hence why it garners a different name – dry hopping.
Galaxy hops are an extraordinary Australian varietal that have a bright, juicy, fruit flavor they add to the beer. You may be a little familiar with this hop because Creature Comforts uses it as one of the hops in Tropicalia, but this is Galaxy all by itself. This version of Athena is a little tart, a little juicy, a little hoppy… it makes Athena a totally different beer that we really like.

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This event was awesome thanks to all of you!
We absolutely love that we can count on all of you to come out to back a great cause!
We haven’t gotten the exact total yet, but know we raised a nice chunk to help support Creature Comforts Get Comfortable and had a blast doing it!
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


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We can’t wait to see you here to spread some Holiday Cheer!
New Years Eve and New Years Day we are hear normal hours.


Thank you for checking out the Hop Happenings, we look forward to your next visit!

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